Rhino Rack Roof Box Storage Wall Hanger

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The Rhino Rack Roof Box Storage Wall Hanger hels keep your home and workspace clear of clutter. The Wall Hanger allows you to mount and store your luggage box, tray, kayak or anything up to 80kg / 176lb securely to the wall saving floor space. The Wall Hanger can be mounted to suit most wall types including brick, plasterboard and wood. A tie down strap is also included to secure your load. The Wall Hanger features steel tubes that are electroplated and powder coated to resist corrosion when used outdoors.

  • Incredible load rating of 80kg / 176lb
  • Electroplated and powdercoated steel tube frame for potential outdoor use
  • The padded cover is UV stabilised, however, premature fading will occur outdoors compared to indoor use
  • Included is a tie down strap to securely strap your gear in place
  • Keeps your garage, outdoor area or work space clutter free
  • Can mount Luggage Box, Pioneer Tray, Kayak, Canoe, SUP or anything you can imagine
  • The Wall Hanger comes with all the necessary parts to assemble and mount

Q1. What will I need to install this product to my wall?
A1. You will need a tape measure, pencil/ pen, power drill (optional depending on wall type) to install the Wall Hanger Large.

Q2. What hardware comes with the Wall Hanger?
A2. Please see the Fitting Instructions guide under Documents below for a full list of components and handy tips.

Q3. Can I put a SUP board on the Wall Hanger and install it outside?
A3. Yes you can but remember that the Wall Hanger will fade in colour eventually if exposed to the elements.