How to Figure Out What Cargo Roof Box Will Fit My SUV

How to Figure Out What Cargo Roof Box Will Fit My SUV

If you drive an SUV and you are looking to get a cargo roof box, it is likely you will still want to have full access to your trunk when the cargo box is on the roof. This quick article shows you a quick and simple way to determine how to figure out what cargo roof box will fit my SUV.

As a bonus, we have included information on height requirements if you are planning on storing your vehicle with the roof box on in a garage.

Calculate Hatch Clearance

Hatch Clearance is the amount of space you have from the center of your front crossbar to your hatch(trunk/boot). This will determine the size of cargo carrier you can fit on your roof and still be able to fully open your trunk without it touching the box. If you are with limited head space when grabbing something from the back, don’t let this be a limiting factor for you. If you are only off by an inch or so you will still get good room to work underneath and it shouldn’t hurt either the box or your vehicle.

Another thing to note is that some Auto-opening/closing trunks allow you to set a limit manually so you can adjust the height your trunk will open and stop prior to making contact with the box. Check your vehicle information for more info on setting that up on your specific vehicle, but generally its just a button press and hold on your trunk close button.

To determine the hatch clearance

On your vehicle open your trunk and take a measurement from the center of the front crossbar right up to the closest part of your trunk level with your crossbar. This is often a small lip or spoiler on most SUVs, hatchbacks, and Vans. If you have a sedan or truck than you have nothing to worry about!

If you don’t yet have a crossbar setup on your vehicle, the fit instructions should have this information which can be checked ahead of time, or you can call us at 780-463-4892 and our rack team will be happy to help.

Once your know your hatch clearance check the manufacturer size charts to find your ideal fit. If you have a number greater than the Minimum Hatch Clearance listed you are good to go!

Thule *Thule Refers to it as Front Clearance*
Calculate Height for Getting in Garages and Underground Parking

Once you know what you want to carry and what will fit best on your vehicle, make sure to consider if your vehicle will now fit where you want it to go. If you typically park in a garage or underground parking lot, depending on the height of your vehicle, crossbar type, and box height, the garage may no longer be an option with the cargo box installed.

All cargo roof boxes we carry come with lifetime warranties, however they won’t cover damage caused by forgetting your new vehicle height restrictions when you try to pull into your garage or regular underground parking lot.

This can be the tricky point for a lot of customers. You will need to determine your height clearance from the top of your crossbars to the low point in your garage.

If you do not have a crossbar setup on your vehicle expect to add the following heights:

Naked Roof System: 5"
Fixed Points or Flash rail: 5"
Raised Siderails: 2.5"

You may also consider lower height crossbar options such as the Thule Edge systems.

For minimal height options for Cargo boxes check out the Thule Pulse Alpine (11”height), Motion XT Alpine (13”height)

Fitting a Cargo Roof Box to Your SUV Summary

That is it! Nice and simple and with this little bit of information you can start your buying process understanding what Cargo Roof Boxes will indeed be an option.

If you would like further clarification or you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us by the methods below.

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