Frequently Asked Questions

Can you install any rack I bring you?

No, we are limited to installing roof racks containing pieces that you have purchased from us. We do this for liability purposes and in case you don’t have the instructions on hand for the rack in question. If you would like help figuring out how to mount a rack, we are happy to look at it and give you some pointers.

What are the installation fees?

This charge covers our labour time of putting all of the pieces together before you even get to the store, then mounting it on your vehicle. 

Bike racks and crossbars - $40

Cargo baskets, hullavators and truck racks - $75

We are no longer offering trailer installations. 

Do I need an appointment?

If you are having any of the above rack systems installed then YES we want to hear from you! Let us know ahead of time so we can book a specific time for you to come in and have our undivided attention. If you are picking up pieces that you have ordered or want help getting a cargo box installed on your roof, that DOES NOT require an appointment.

Why do I need all of these pieces?

A roof rack is typically made up of three separate parts. First is the crossbars themselves. You’ll have a few choices for style and colour here but the length is usually dependent on the width of your vehicle. Underneath that is the footpack/legpack. This part will change depending on the roof style that your vehicle has from the factory. Examples of this are bare roof, fixed points, top track, flush rails, or raised side rails. The last piece (other than locks and accessories) is called the fit kit or base kit. This kit is specific right down to the make, model and year of your car as it will contour perfectly to your specific roof’s silhouette. 

Can I use an old roof rack on a different vehicle?

Not usually. See our response to “Why do I need all of these pieces?” You may be able to reuse some parts but you will typically need at least a new fit kit for your roof rack to work on another car. 

Can I leave my rack on all year?

Yes, you can. Some folks will take theirs off seasonally, depending what activities they are using it for. There is no harm in leaving your rack system on the vehicle, just remember to watch your clearance around parking garages and to skip drive through car washes. 

How much weight can this rack handle?

The short answer is just as much as your roof can! Most post-market crossbars have a load capacity of 165lbs while driving and that number can be tripled while parked. There are stronger bars out there if you have an exceptionally heavy load. If you are looking to mount a roof top tent, please check with us that your roof style can handle it before going ahead with purchasing a full crossbar setup. We can also likely find out what the weight capacity is of your factory-mounted crossbars if you’re curious about upgrading. 

I lost my key, what do I do?

We always recommend writing your key number down in case you lose it or need spares. If you DO know your key number, Thule keys can be ordered directly from We can specially order Rhino Rack keys and Yakima keys are also available through their website at If you DON’T know your key number, then you may be limited to seeing a locksmith. Depending on the brand, we can make more recommendations.

I have a warranty issue, what do I do?

We fully trust in the brands that we stock and we want you to, too. Most of the brands that we stock will have a warranty form on their website that you can fill out. We can help file a warranty claim for you if you supply us with photos of the issue, your proof of purchase, and your contact details. You can also come in-store with your product and we’ll see if we can fix it for you or give suggestions.

What if I need spare parts?

There’s a chance that we may have just the right piece that you’re looking for but can recommend a hardware store for most missing screws and bolts. Finding parts is much easier for us to sort out in-store if you bring in the item that you need parts for, or email us a photo. We can also order in spare parts for some brands that we stock.