Rhino Rack - A History & Introduction

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Rhino Rack - A History & Introduction

When I first envisioned Rhino Rack I thought of some intimidating wizard perched precariously, with some type of treacherous setup on top of a menacing rhinoceros.  I couldn’t have been further from the truth. In reality, Rhino Rack is a top of the line. roof top product manufacturer based out of Australia.  Rhino has offices and manufacturing plants in the US, and New Zealand as well. They broke into the north American market from the land down under in 2009 and have been growing ever since, exporting to over 50 countries worldwide, including dealers all over north America.  Aquabatics is proud to be a dealer of this top-notch product through RoofracksHQ Adding it to our existing arsenal of products helps us provide you with all your roof rack and cargo transportation needs in both the Edmonton and Calgary locations.

The X tray looks pretty awesome on top of some vortex bars. 

Rhino rack has come along way since there inception in 1992.  With three main crossbar types the heavy-duty bar for those serious applications, the utilitarian and functional Euro bar and there bestselling aerodynamic Vortex bar.  With numerous attachment options for most production vehicles, they make a great base to haul whatever you may need.  There are numerous options for attaching more storage options to your crossbars. Cargo boxes and baskets, Kayak carriers, bike carriers, ski carriers, fishing rod carriers, contractor solutions, and may more.  Rhino Rack definitely understands the needs of its clients with new and improved products being released yearly.


The amazing vortex bars in black.

Rhino racks can make a great addition to any vehicle to improve storage and transportation options.  I’m proud to not only help sell this top-notch product but put it into use with a set of Vortex bars on our Toyota Corolla weekly.  My vortex bars have met my expectations and can haul my 100lb Jackson Coosafd with ease. Allowing me to leave my truck at home and save some money on gas.

Kayak and SUP carriers for all applications are available from Rhino Rack

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any Rhino Rack questions to either location. They can be reached at

Edmonton – 780 463 4892

Calgary – 403 288 9283

Email us a setup of your roof rack setup for 10% off your next roof rack accessory order!!



Andrew W., Edmonton Store Assistant Manager.