Thule Hullavator PRO

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Lift-assist rack for kayaks handles up to 40 lbs of the weight so you can load and unload even on your own.


Thule Hullavator Boat Rack Review


Hi, I’m Brian, the store manager of AQ Outdoors and Roof Racks Calgary. I've been a paddler and a roof rack rack installer for quite a while now. Today we're gonna look at the Thule Hullavator boat rack.


Thule Hullavator Features

The main benefit of the Thule Hullavator is that it allows a single person to load a kayak on the roof of a vehicle by themselves, even if they have physical limitations.

It has a hydraulic lift which provides a 40lb lift assist, avoiding awkward situations of lifting, twisting, and overall basically strain on the body.

The Thule Hullavator eliminates the need for lifting a boat above your head – you can do all your loading and tying down at hip level. From there, the Hullavator, using its hydraulic assist, easily lifts the boat onto the roof for you.


Thule Hullavator Pros

The thing I like most about the Thule Hullavator is that it makes loading your kayak accessible. 

If you have limited mobility or you don't have the strength to lift a heavier boat on the roof, it gives you the ability to get out there and have access to that water. Some feedback we've gotten on the Hullavator is that it's really nice for offloading and unloading, particularly after a long day of paddling.

It's also really handy if you've got a tall vehicle with a roof that is barely within reach.


Thule Hullavator Purchase Considerations

This biggest consideration is price. You're looking at about $1000/boat. So it’s a bit price restrictive, but in some ways worth it for accessibility.

Second consideration would be bars. The Hullavator will not go on your factory stockbar you get from your manufacturer. You need something like a Thule wing bar, which will overhang the car by about 4-6”.

You need this extra clearance so your Hullavator doesn't hit your side view mirrors and gives you lots of clearance for your vehicle. Lastly, the size and the height of the Hullavator can be a bit restrictive, making underground parkades and garages difficult to access.


Removing the Thule Hullavator from Your Rack

The bulk of the elevator is removable from your roof rack, leaving a small metal arm in its place. You can take it on and off. It might take a few minutes, and can be finicky at times, but is totally doable.


Thule Hullavator Boat Rack Summary

In summary, the Thule Hullavator is a great load assist kayak rack.

It allows you to get that boat on your roof safely and easily by yourself. It also reduces strain on the body, particularly at the end of a long day of paddling.

If you have any more questions about the Thule Hullavator, feel free to contact us or visit us in store!

Load capacity 34 kg
Dimensions 89.7 x 15.2 x 42.3 cm
Rubber cover for strap buckle Yes
Length of straps 2x9.5'
Lockable Yes
One Key System compatible Yes
Fits Thule AeroBlade Edge No
Fits Thule AeroBlade Yes
Fits Thule SquareBar Yes
Fits Thule Xsporter Pro Yes
Model number 898
  • Load and unload your kayak on your own, thanks to the gas-assist struts that lift and lower 40 lbs of the kayak's weight
  • Load/unload and strap your kayak at waist height, with the help of double extending arms that lower the kayak by up to 3 feet
  • Maximum protection for your kayak, thanks to 8 touch points of padded support
  • Corrosion-resistant kayak cradles expand to fit wide kayaks
  • Aluminum, double-coated steel construction for corrosion resistance delivers a longer product life
  • Includes Thule QuickDraw bow and stern tie-downs for transporting 1 kayak