Thule ReVert Bike Rack

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Thule ReVert is more than a bike rack –  it's the ultimate solution for transporting a full fleet of bikes together with your crew. With unparalleled capacity, ease of use, and robust security, it’s the reliable choice for core MTB riders and active MTB families. More time on the trail, and less on the setup! The Thule ReVert bike rack transforms your vehicle into a high-capacity bike transporter. By loading bikes vertically, you maximize the number of bikes per journey while making the most efficient use of space around your vehicle. Every trip can easily become a group adventure. The dual TiltAssist damper makes handling practically effortless. Simply push down the tilt release lever and tilt the rack down, roll up the bikes, give the tilt release lever a second pushdown, and raise the rack back up. The damper makes it a breeze as it gives you weight assistance in both directions with bikes loaded.

  • Dual direction tilt assist damper with memory function
    The hydraulic damper provides weight assistance, making it easier to both lower and raise the rack with bikes fully loaded. Accessible tilt release handle for tilting the rack. The rack locks itself when tilted down in the load position. By gently pushing the handle down, the memory function activates which allows the user to let go of the handle and use both their hands to push the rack back up again.
  • Easy trunk access
    With bikes mounted, the trunk is accessible with a push down handle tilt.
  • Compatible with the full fleet of bikes
    20-29" wheels (20-24" accessory insert sold separately) with tires wide as 5" (4-5" accessory wheel basket sold separately)
  • High load capacity
    The high load capacity of 55lbs (25kg) per bike and a max carrier load capacity of 230lbs (104kg) makes it possible to transport the heaviest bikes and lighter E-bikes.
  • Convenient roll in and roll out bike loading
    Quick and easy bike loading and unloading of bikes with limited to no lifting required. Wheel baskets designed to easily roll in and roll out the bikes while the rack is tilted down.
  • No frame or fork contact
    Rubber contact only to prevent any frame or fork contact.
  • Generous spacing between bikes
    Generous 12" (305mm) distance between bikes reduces risk of bike-to-bike contact.
  • Made for long wheelbases
    Extra-long wheel holders enable easy transport of bikes with long wheelbases, up to 53" (1350mm)
  • Easy fastening of tires
    Resilient and durable wheel straps for quick and secure fastening of tires up to 5"
  • Quick mounting
    Hit the trails faster with the Tool-free AutoAttach system with easy grip lever that allows for simple and secure mounting and removal of the rack.
  • Locks for safety
    Integrated hitch bike lock to secure your rack to your car.
  • Great accessories
    Wide range of innovative accessories available (accessories sold separately)
    Off-road use
    This product is intended for use on public and private roads, including off-roads such as gravel roads, forest service roads and access roads. Refer to definition in the safety instruction