VertiYak Hitch Kayak Rack

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The VertiYak Hitch Mounted Kayak rack is a great solution for carrying kayaks or SUP Boards up to 12ft in length on the back of your RV or any other vehicle where roof racks are not an option.

  • Mounts to a 2” hitch receiver (receiver not included) and works best with frame-welded receivers, but you can also use it on bolt-on receivers for your bumper.
  • For carrying a maximum of 2 kayaks or SUP boards up to 12ft in total length.
  • One end of your kayak must fit within a 11 1/2" X 17" lower hoop
  • Once installed, be sure of adequate clearance between your kayak and the ground to prevent ground scrape
  • Always be aware of overhead obstacles (low bridges, limbs, etc.)
  • Always secure kayaks or paddleboards with 2 straps (not included) at strap loops
  • Foam padding (pool noodle not included) can be used on lower hoop to protect rack and kayak finish